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Student Success 2013

Abbey College Manchester A Level, IFP and BTEC Students of the Class of 2013


Ahmad Ziyad Bin Mohd Zaini
Namehmad Ziyad Bin Mohd
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
SubjectsMaths (A)
Physics (A)
Chemistry (A)
Degree Course:Aerospace Engineering


Abbey College Manchester was one of only a tiny number of schools in the area that offered an 18 Month A-Level programme in the subjects I wanted. From the moment I walked in I knew it was
the right place for me. It just felt so comfortable. As my classes were so small, it meant the teachers were able to give me lots of personal support and treated me as an individual. We were called students not pupils, which was really good. The college is also just three minutes walk way from one of the best academic libraries in the country and is within easy walking distance of sports facilities, science museums, art galleries and music venues, all great resources”.

Andrea Banados Cornejo
NameAndrea Banados Cornejo
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
SubjectsSpanish (A) Economics (C) Maths (B) French (B)
Degree Course:Economics


“One of the main reasons I joined Abbey College Manchester was because of their strong record in guiding their students onto their first choice university courses. The help and support I received throughout the UCAS application process was fantastic. My application was done one-to-one with my tutor. We even did practice interviews. That’s what was so great about the college; there is so much support available”.

Catherine Parker
NameCatherine Parker
Course:Business BTEC Programme
Degree Course:Swimming Scholarship plus Business Management
University:Indian River State University, Florida, USA


“The course was well organised and taught and I loved every minute despite having to get the train early each day. All the teachers are really passionate about their subject and love teaching it. This was a great motivator to me. My learning skills and general ability have been fostered in a hard-working, yet supportive environment that challenged me so much. I also swim a lot and need to train every day for this. Abbey College Manchester was so supportive of this and flexible in building a timetable that allowed me to flourish on the course and achieve high grades while meeting my swimming needs”.

Clare Williamson
NameClare Williamson
Course:One Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A) Biology (A) Chemistry(A)
Degree Course:Pharmacy
University:Cardiff University


“I only got average grades the first time I took my A-Levels and then I went off to university. However, the degree I was doing was not opening any doors to Pharmacy which is what I really wanted to do. Very few schools had the flexibility of being able to go back and do A-Levels over one year. Joining Abbey College was worth it though. The environment was so comfortable and the teachers were so helpful. To now come out with the results I need for a Pharmacy degree at a top university makes me feel so proud of what I have achieved”.

Florence Body
NameFlorence Body
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:French (A) Spanish (A) Sociology (C)
Degree Course:Modern Languages


“Travelling from near Sheffield meant I had to get an early train every day and did not get back home until 6pm. I thought this would be difficult but I was able to do homework on the train and coming to the college was very enjoyable so the journey time did not really bother me. Small class sizes, great teaching and personal support with my university application, including one-to-one practice interviews were all part of the experience. As Abbey College has around 220 students it is the perfect size for a great community feeling. Everyone knows each other and there was always so much to get involved in outside the classroom too”.

Hannah Ormesher
NameHannah Ormesher
Course:One Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A) Biology (A) Chemistry (B)
Degree Course:Medicine
University:University of Liverpool


“Following some health problems after I did well in my GCSEs I was independently tutored during my AS Levels. However, I felt I needed to get back into a school environment. Abbey College was so flexible in allowing me to study my A2 Levels in two subjects and a complete A-Level in another in just one year. Living quite a distance from the college meant a round trip for me each day of around 70 miles. Still it was worth it. The facilities and teaching were great and there was so much individual help and support available. Although it has been hard work, it has been enjoyable and my life and academic career are now both back on track”.

Hassan Ali
NameHassan Ali
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Psychology (B) Business (B) Sociology (C)
Degree Course:Computing for Business


“I decided to study at Abbey College because I was impressed with the college’s reputation for having a supportive and friendly environment. The lessons were lively and you are encouraged to discuss ideas, ask questions and to be involved in active learning. The teachers are very supportive in helping students onto the next stage of their education”.

Roderick Byroo
NameRoderick Byroo
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Biology (A)
Psychology (A)
Economics (B)
Degree Course:Business Economics

“Choosing to study at Abbey College Manchester was a really good move for me. I wanted to be in an environment where I would receive as much support as possible. Being a student there was really good, it was like a small community and nobody gets lost in their system.

The tutoring system was strong and with their help, I was really confident in my university application”.

Sushma Pabbineedi
Course:Science BTEC Programme
Degree Course:Biomedical Science
University:Manchester Metropolitan


“The course was practical in nature and was based on continual assessment. This suited my strengths of research and working methodically. It was easy to get along with your teachers, as they care about each student. My confidence has increased since being at the college and it was nice being in such a small class. The teachers were always willing to stay behind at the end of the class to explain things if I did not understand something or give up their free periods.

I appreciate all they have done in creating such a fantastic environment and getting me into a good university doing the degree that I really wanted to do from the beginning. I would highly recommend the college to others”.

Abdulmutalib Shittu
Course:One Year International Foundation Programme
Degree Course:Geography and Urban & Regional
University:University of Birmingham


“The teachers were always ready to discuss any problems with me or offer useful advice on anything I did not understand. They encouraged me to come and talk to them, even when I did not have a lesson, so that they could get to know me better. I also had loads of useful advice from my personal tutor about the courses that I was applying for at university.

I lived in the student residence at Cavendish Place. This was great as it gave me some independence but at the same time the House Parents were there if I had a problem or did not feel well.

I was also very proud to receive a Student Ambassador Award for the work I did within the college community”.

Adam Dikko
NameAdam Dikko
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Economics (A)
Psychology (A)
Maths (B)
Degree Course:Economics


“The staff and students made the college a very warm, friendly and welcoming environment. I found that everyone related in an informal but respectful manner which has enabled me to perform better academically as well as socially

The quality of education here is of a high standard and there are also lots of extra-curricular activities such as sport and mentoring schemes that I got involved in as much as possible. As the college is located right in the centre of Manchester, there was good access to local facilities.

My time at Abbey College has been an unforgettable experience, which I feel I have taken full advantage of. I was also given a Student Ambassador award for my contribution to the college, which I was delighted to have received”.

Bagdat Kydyrbayev
Course:One Year International Foundation Programme
Degree Course:Engineering
University:Newcastle University


 “To have the chance to study in the UK was an opportunity I could not refuse. I chose Manchester as it has a lot of history but still feels contemporary. It is quite a small city really but having Manchester United close by made me feel like I was in a city of huge importance.

The best things about Abbey College were the small class sizes, the feeling of being in a small community and the support I got from my tutor during the university application process. It helped me a lot and I am now looking forward to studying at my first choice university”.

Dastan Abdrakhmanov
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subject:Maths (A*)
Further Maths (A*)
Physics (A*)
Degree Course:Physics
University:Edinburgh University


“Coming to Manchester and studying at Abbey College has been the best experience of my life. I have made many great friends and experienced traditional British culture. My teachers gave me the guidance and support to maximise my potential and to get the grades I needed to go on to study at university. My classes didn’t have many people in them and the teachers used many different ways of learning, like experiments and discussions”.

Emmanuel Esenabhalu
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subject:Maths (A)
Chemistry (A)
Physics (B)
Degree Course:Electrical Engineering


“I joined the college in January as it offered the opportunity to do A-Levels in 18 months as well as the normal two years. It was pretty intense going but enjoyable all the same. The college has a high reputation for teaching and personal support and has an equal relationship between students and teachers.

The class sizes were small; the largest for me was just 10 students! Everything that I expected from the college was delivered and I am very happy with my final grade and to be going to the university that I had always wanted to go to”.

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