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Student Success 2014

Abbey College Manchester A Level, IFP and BTEC Students of the Class of 2014



Find out a little more about some of our successful Class of 2014 students by clicking on their names below:

Alex McDowall


NameAlex McDowall
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A*)Physics (A) Further Maths (B)
Degree Course:Theoretical Physics

“I joined Abbey College Manchester because of their strong emphasis on personal support. The classes in my old school were big and very impersonal. I did not feel I was getting the teacher support necessary for me to be confident enough of getting the high A Level grades I wanted to go to university. The help I got at Abbey College Manchester with all my subjects was brilliant and the change in environment certainly worked for me.”

Lauren and Lisa Winder
NameLisa and Lauren Winder
Course:Lisa – Business BTEC Double Merit Lauren – Business BTEC Double Distinction
Destinations:Lisa – Human Resources Apprenticeship with Vita Group Services Lauren – Primary Education (with QTS) Edge Hill University


“The best thing about Abbey College Manchester is the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. This makes it very easy to build up friendships, and makes student – teacher communication easier than anywhere we have experienced before.We are both thrilled with our results, and are so happy that our determination and hard work means we can continue to pursue our dreams at university and on the apprenticeship. These are both opportunities that would not have come about had we done traditional A-levels, so we are both pleased with our decision early on to do the Business BTEC”.

Pranav Bahuguna
NamePranav Bahuguna
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A) Physics (A) Further Maths (A)
Degree Course:Computer Science


“In the three years I have spent at Abbey College Manchester, I have received a great deal of support and motivation. I have always found the staff to be friendly and approachable and always willing to help with problems concerning homework, revision or my UCAS application. The most valuable skill I have gained has been a better knowledge and understanding of how to structure my exam questions. I used to rush questions and try to write as much as possible, I have now learnt to step back to take a calmer and more reasoned approach.”

Matthew Allison
NameMatthew Allison
Course:Business BTEC Triple Distinction
Degree Course:Business
University:Nottingham Trent University

“I’m very proud of my BTEC results and my experiences here at the college have been extremely rewarding. I’m now looking forward to the next step in my academic career, having really built up confidence in both myself and the subject. The course itself has been fantastic, opening so many doors for me while giving me a thorough understanding of Business from many different perspectives. The level of support given to me here at Abbey College Manchester has been great and I shall miss everyone there.”

Ioana Bucuroiu
NameIoana Bucuroiu
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A) French (A) Art (B)
Degree Course:Architecture
University:Oxford Brookes


“The atmosphere here at Abbey College Manchester was really relaxed and welcoming. It was easy to get along with your teachers, as they care about each student as an individual person. I felt very comfortable here. I appreciate all they have done for me, helping me to achieve my great grades and going over my university application again and again with endless patience.”

Kelsey Edwards
NameKelsey Edwards
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Biology (A*) Physics (A) Chemistry (B)
Degree Course:Chemistry


“As a result of the knowledgeable, helpful teachers at Abbey College Manchester I have now achieved really good grades. All the teachers are really passionate about their subject and love teaching it. This was a great motivator to me. My learning skills and general ability have been fostered in a hard-working, yet supportive environment that challenged me so much.”

Mukhamedali Abdinaminov
NameMukhamedali Abdinaminov
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A*) Further Maths (A*) Physics (A) Economics (A)
Degree Course:Economics
University:University College London


“I will always remember my time here at Abbey College Manchester. It was a challenging yet really fulfilling two years. I have enjoyed studying and interacting with students from different parts of the world and from the UK. But more importantly, I have had excellent teachers. My A-Level success is a true testimony of their teaching, dedication, guidance and encouragement and for that I am sincerely grateful”.

Elizabeth Kondrashova
NameElizabeth Kondrashova
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Russia (A) Maths (B) Psychology (B) Business (C)
Degree Course:Management (Marketing)
University:University of Manchester


“It really was the right choice for me to study at Abbey College Manchester. There are many dedicated teachers here. In the lessons they work very hard to teach us as much as possible and make the classes very enjoyable. Thanks to the small size of the classes I could ask questions very easily to make sure I fully understood everything. It gave me a solid foundation to achieve the best grades in A-Level exams. Although all of my teachers were very strict on my academic performance, they were also very friendly. When I was applying for British universities, I got lots of useful advice and help from my teachers.”

Jeongwoo Yun
NameJeongwoo Yun
Course:Two Year A-Level Programme
Subjects:Maths (A) Further Maths (A) Physics (B)
Degree Course:Civil Engineering
University:University of Warwick


“I came to Abbey College Manchester because I wanted to give myself the best education possible. I had heard lots of good things about the college which turned out to be true. The teachers were great and were very patient with me. The location was also ideal, being right in the centre of the city. I was the only South Korean student at the college. This was nice because it gave me the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and learn about their cultures. I also met lots of students from Manchester. My two years at the college have given me some great memories. While I am delighted to be going to a fantastic university, I shall miss the college so much.”

Anastasia Gondosari
NameAnastasia Gondosari
Course:International Foundation Programme
Pathway:Engineering Overall Score: 94.7%
Degree Course:Chemical Engineering
University:University of Manchester


Abbey College Manchester has a strong reputation in getting students onto their first choice courses at university. My tutor helped me prepare my application and gave me good advice on what to put on my personal statement. The college also arranged practice university interviews which was brilliant and prepared me for the real thing. The college residence is nice and is only about a 15 minute walk away from the college. The rooms are quite big and have their own bathroom. It gave a great balance between living independently while still having the support of the House Parents. The House Parents were really nice and they arranged activities over the weekends. It was a fantastic experience living with students from other countries. It also really improved my English even more.”

Kai Taborsky
NameKai Taborsky
Course:International Foundation Programme
Pathway:Business Overall Score: 94.7%
Degree Course:Business Studies
University:City University


“I came to Abbey College Manchester because of its reputation for offering high quality programmes. Everything that I expected in terms of the resources, support and guidance and small class sizes was delivered. The teachers used different methods to make the classes interactive which made attending the lessons a joy. I lived in the college residence at Cavendish Place. My room was nice and reasonably big and I had my own bathroom. There was a well-equipped kitchen and living area that I shared with four other male students. It was a great experience and was perfect preparation for when I go to university and live independently.”

Tair Kamilov
NameTair Kamilov
Course:International Foundation Programme
Pathway:Humanities Overall Score: 77.7%
Degree Course:Politics and International Relations
University:University of York


“The education I had in Abbey College Manchester went far beyond the classroom and far beyond my expectations. Excellent teaching is provided as well as a lot of different enrichment activities which integrated me even more into the college community. The small size of classes made it easier for students to communicate with teachers for problem solving and help. Personal Tutors also helped us to solve life’s daily problems. The college also gave us very useful advice when we applied for universities including advice on writing personal statements and interview practice.”

Renhe Wang
NameRenhe Wang
Course:International Foundation Programme
Pathway:Engineering Overall Score: 80.5%
Degree Course:Civil Engineering
University:University of Warwick


“The personal support I got from Abbey College Manchester throughout my time there was amazing such as helping to get my visa, during classes and with my university application. Learning at the college was hard but fun and enjoyable. The teachers were happy to stay behind at the end of class to answer any questions or to see me during their free periods. The other students were really friendly and to have achieved the score I now have is the perfect ending to my time at the college. I can’t wait to start the next step in my academic career.”

Yusufu John Yusufu
NameYusufu John Yusufu
Course:International Foundation Programme
Pathway:Business Overall Score: 79.2%
Degree Course:Business Studies
University:University of Manchester


“Life at Abbey College Manchester has truly been a wonderful experience that has played a significant role in my academic success so far. I originally came to undertake an A-Level Programme. Things did not work out as I had hoped but the college through their flexibility allowed me to transfer across to Foundation. It was the best decision I have ever made. The learning style of the course suited me much better and I was really motivated and committed to succeed. The quality of the teaching was outstanding and I always had full access to my teachers for questions outside lessons and to my UCAS adviser on a one-to-one basis. The college gave me the confidence to apply to a great university and to achieve the score to get in.”

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