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Abbey College Manchester has a range of modern equipment and resources to help deliver high quality teaching to students.
Abbey College Manchester Facilities


All our classrooms benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, access to modern technologies including interactive white boards, laptops and touch screens. All departments are equipped with specialist rooms and textbooks are provided for all courses. Students have their own personal computer login and access to the student shared drive where teaching resources are stored.

Practical work and investigation is central to the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and so each subject is taught in a modern, subject specific laboratory. Each room has been fitted to the highest standards and is well equipped to allow the delivery of a wide range of experiments and demonstrations to stimulate student learning.

Creativity flourishes within the college with Art & Design and Photography taught in dedicated, well-equipped rooms. Students are encouraged to express themselves using techniques ranging from 3D modelling, textiles, sculpture and photography as well as conventional painting and drawing. There is also a dark room where images can be enhanced and developed by the students.

A large study centre is available as a silent and supervised study area. Here, students can use their own or college laptops for personal work. There is wireless connection available here and around the college.

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