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Abbey Online offers a unique online lesson support programme

enabling GCSE and A Level students

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I have a school / college Teams login, can I use this to attend the lessons?

No, you will need to use an Abbey College Manchester login to access the lessons and the course materials, as they are hosted via our Microsoft Teams platform.

Is it possible to attend the course at a different time?

No, lessons are taught live, so you will need to attend at the time specified.

If you are unable to attend the timetabled time, if the teacher has availability we can offer one to one lessons.

Will the lessons be recorded so I can refer back to them?

No, but resources will be uploaded for the lessons where relevant

If the courses are not exam board specific, will they be covering content not relevant to me?

All of the course content will be relevant to your subject whatever the exam board.  In general terms the content difference between exam boards is very small. The courses are designed to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the core subject content.  Our teachers are experienced in the subject curriculum across different exam boards.

The teachers will adapt the course content to address the group’s specific questions and subject gaps.

What if my son / daughter wishes to drop out of the course, can I get a refund?

If after attending the first lessons, you wish to drop out, then the course fees will be refunded minus the cost of the first lesson.  There will be no refund for withdrawals after the second lesson.

Will there also be a holiday revision programme?

Yes. We plan to run Revision courses during February Half Term and the Easter Holidays, the content and timetable for these will be complied following feedback from the Autumn courses.

Do I have to live in the Manchester area to sign up for Abbey Online?

No, the joy of teaching online, is that you can be anywhere in the UK, or the world, to access the lessons.  As long as you have a good internet connection and a suitable laptop / tablet you can access the lessons and course material from anywhere

Are the teacher available for questions between lessons?

Yes they are available, but not unconditionally.  They will be able to answer some questions, but if you demand an unreasonable amount of time then they will cover your questions at the end of a lesson.

Will I be set homework to complete between lessons?

You may well be set some work to do after the lessons in order that you can consolidate your knowledge. We will ask for some diagnostics assessments before the GCSE and Maths classes to help us with our planning.

Please note the general terms and conditions of enrolment on the twilight or revision courses
  1. The fees for the course must be paid in advance of the course commencing
  2. Read the course description carefully to ensure it meets your needs
  3. Students will receive an Abbey College Log in for the duration of the course
  4. Students will access the lessons and resources through Teams for the duration of the course
  5. Teachers will have a limited amount of time to support students outside the lessons
  6. Students need to abide by the Teams Code of Conduct set out below
  7. Our policies on Admissions, Complaints, Safeguarding and ICT usage are on the website
  8. If the teacher is ill and the session is cancelled that session will be refunded or the amount taken off a future course
  9. If after the first lesson the course is not what you had anticipated, then you will be refunded all the fees apart from the first lesson
  10. Refunds will not be made for absence
  11. Refunds will not be made where the student has not adhered to the Teams Code of Conduct
  12. Full details of the Alpha Plus Group Privacy Policy and Retention Policy can be found on the College website:

Microsoft Teams Code of Conduct

Teams Meetings are an important component of Remote Learning as they provide the needed interaction between teachers and students of a traditional classroom.

To ensure the best learning environment and that all students can engage positively with the lesson all participants in the Team Meetings are expected to adhere to the following rules and best practices.

• Arrive on time for the Teams Meeting

• The Team Meeting is a virtual classroom; therefore, we expect the same standard of behaviour and engagement as in a face-to face lesson.

• Choose a quiet room free from distraction and be dressed appropriately

• Your camera must be switched on so you can be seen in normal light

• If you choose to use a virtual background screen, please make it an appropriate one that allows for you to still be visible

• Posture before the camera must be conducive to active learning and participation. The student’s full face must be visible in the camera frame.

• As expected of any class interaction, participants are to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

• Offensive or inappropriate language is not to be used in any form of communication. This extends to discussion postings which may be part of or an extension of the Team interaction.

• Use of any profanity – written, drawn, displayed or spoken – during a meeting is unacceptable.

• Taking screenshots or screen recordings of virtual classrooms without the explicit permission from the teacher and class members is unacceptable.

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If you are ready go further with your learning, contact us today – Call 0161 817 2700, email or request a call back.