Alpha Plus Group

The Alpha Plus Group is one of the country’s largest providers of independent education. Alpha Plus stands for the Gold Standard in educational provision.

Centres of Educational Excellence

Alpha Plus creates centres of educational excellence in our schools and colleges, which consistently exceed the expectations of pupils and parents.

The ‘Alpha Plus Gold Standard’ signifies our commitment to maintaining the very highest standards in each of our schools, colleges and consultancy services. The traditional values that have guided the group to its success during the last seventy years continue to be at the heart of our philosophy but are enhanced by the very best practices in modern education. The specific needs of individual students and pupils always remain our highest priority.

Alpha Plus Group, owned by Delancey, creates centres of educational excellence in our schools and colleges. They strive to establish a climate of high expectations, and there is a genuine and visible commitment to setting challenging targets, exceeding expectations and maximising individual achievement. A key feature in our success is the appointment and retention of high quality school leaders, teachers and support staff.

Our establishments benefit from cutting edge technology and modern learning environments. The school and college curricula are regularly reviewed to ensure their relevance and their potential to enable all our pupils to obtain first choice placements into destination schools and Higher Education institutions.

We are committed to maintaining and improving this level of quality and whilst each school is encouraged to retain its own individual ethos and identity, all Alpha Plus schools and colleges have a number of common characteristics that enable them to maintain and enhance the Gold Standard.

These include:

  • High aspirations and expectations for all pupils and staff.
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels and effective resource management.
  • Working in partnership with parents.
  • A focus upon and a passion for high quality teaching and learning.