The Maths syllabus we follow is AQA’s linear specification.

We cover the six main areas of Maths:

  • Number – including fractions, percentages, indices
  • Algebra – including solving equations and using formulae
  • Geometry – including angles in a variety of shapes
  • Measures – including perimeter, area and volume
  • Statistics – including calculating averages and spread and drawing statistical diagrams
  • Probability – including two way tables and expectation

There are two examination papers that are sat in the summer. The first is non calculator and the second is calculator.

There are topic differences in content for Foundation and Higher tier.

The course is taught so that knowledge and learning is incrementally increased throughout the year to allow understanding to increase slowly.


Further Maths builds on some of the concepts and themes covered in Maths. Please note that this is a bespoke course only and will only run if there is sufficient demand. Students must have a good knowledge of Maths to be able to undertake the course.