Welcome from the Principal

We offer students a stimulating environment in which teachers and students work together to achieve academic success. We treat our students at Abbey College Manchester as mature young adults and create a hard-working yet informal atmosphere.


  • Guide our students to achieve academic success and fulfil their aspirations
  • Respect and value each student providing a friendly, safe, supportive environment students are happy and grow in confidence
  • Show a sensitive understanding of the challenges facing young people in the 21st Century by empowering students to make informed decisions and have the determination to achieve their goals
  • Prepare our students for university, their future careers and to make a positive contribution to the community

We are a dynamic, exciting college, situated in the heart of Manchester providing high quality, flexible programmes of study. A recent student survey highlighted how much our students enjoy the cultural, educational and business opportunities afforded by learning in the city centre. Our modern building provides an environment conducive to study and in our small classes each student can develop their individual aptitudes aided by a strong system of tutorial guidance.

Teaching and learning is rigorous whilst being creative and responsive to individual need. Our enrichment activities include sports, voluntary work, charity events and many other opportunities led by the students and staff. We encourage students to raise their own expectations and standards to the highest possible level. Staff, students and families get to know each other well and enjoy working together. At Abbey College Manchester we offer a unique alternative to the traditional school whilst maintaining a strong academic ethos. Everyone contributes, everyone is appreciated; our committed teachers love their subjects and seek to inspire their students, in their turn, to love learning and value the acquisition of knowledge.

I believe that being a student at the college will enable you to achieve your goals as it has so many students in the past. Throughout the time I have worked at the college, student and parents continue to tell me that their decision to enrol at Abbey College Manchester was one of the best they have made. I extend a warm invitation to you to come and meet our staff to see if you too would like to be a student at Abbey College Manchester. Chris Randall, Principal at Abbey College Manchester

Chris Randell, Principal


Please contact us to arrange a visit to experience Abbey College Manchester for yourself.


Abbey Manchester
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