Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning is rigorous whilst being creative and responsive to individual student need.

Small Classes

We believe that small classes and high quality teaching are the key to success. This approach is very personal and means that students are focused on their studies and are given lots of attention from teachers to maximise attainment and fulfil potential. Alongside small class sizes we foster a friendly environment by having a no uniform policy and creating relationships where everyone is on first name terms.

Expert Teachers

Our dedicated teachers have an excellent knowledge of their subjects and the specifications and as examiners for the major examination boards they are well positioned to offer guidance and support in developing examination technique. Teachers break down subjects into manageable sections so that students can work more easily towards the grades they need. Students are prepared thoroughly for public examinations and gain important study skills.

Success in the Sixth Form

The new linear A-levels have created additional challenges for students. Our Success in the Sixth Form Programme focuses on helping students study more effectively and to develop the necessary skills to become successful in their studies.

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Studying in the College

All students have timetabled, supervised study built into their programmes. In our study centre students work quietly and this builds a culture of concentration and respect for the learning needs of others.

Assessment and Monitoring Progress

Small class sizes mean teachers can spend more time assessing each student’s work and giving verbal and written feedback on a one to one basis. Teachers assess student effort and attainment frequently. Reports are sent home each half term and include written comments and data covering attendance, academic attainment and student effort both in the classroom and in their own time. Students and teachers reflect on current work and raise standards by agreeing targets in areas such as subject knowledge, time management, revision techniques and progress on coursework. This in turn builds confidence and raises standards.


Attendance is monitored through daily registration and at the start of every lesson. Parents/guardians are contacted if a student is not present in class.

“The school is highly successful in achieving its aims to guide pupils to academic success and to fulfil their aspirations. Throughout the school, pupils make excellent academic progress. Pupils’ success is supported by high quality teaching and through the effective use of assessment data which allows their progress to be monitored and support tailored as necessary.”

Independent school Inspection March 2023

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