GCSE Results

Abbey College Manchester is so proud of the achievements of our Year 11 students.  They have all show great resilience and commitments to their studies and we are delighted that they received the grades they deserved.

Our results are all the more notable as they all complete the GCSE Programme in just one year.

14% of all results were graded at level 9 and 21% at level 9/8, which means that nearly a quarter of our GCSE results were the equivalent of an A*.

The college recent GCSE results are:

9-7  9-4  9-1 
2023 29% 63% 99%
2022 40% 79% 99%
2021 49% 91% 100%
2020 35% 90% 100%
2019 32% 77% 100%
2018 31% 85% 100%

The majority of our GCSE students progress onto our A-Level, Combined Studies or International Foundation Programmes.

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GCSE grades explained

The 9-1 grading scheme was brought in alongside an overhaul of the curriculum in England in 2014.

The highest grade is now 9, while 1 is the lowest. The U grade, meaning “ungraded”, remains the same.

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