One Year Retake A-Levels

Around 25 students enrol on the One Year Intensive Retake A Levels programme each year. It is suitable for students who have already taken their A Level before but wish to retake to improve their grades to gain access onto competitive degree courses.

The college’s flexible approach to learning and strong personal support helps students successfully progress to top universities and to fulfil their potential.

On average our students’ grades increase by 1.5 grades.  Please see the table below (Before – After):

Biology Chemistry Physics Maths Psychology Economics New subject
C → A C →  A
D → B D → B C → A
D → B A Business
E → C B in RS
B → A*
C → A
C → B D → B D → B
D → B C → B C → A
C → B C → B B → A*
E → C C → B
C → B D → C C → A
E → C D → B
C → B B → A
D → C D → C C → B
C → C D → C B → A*
C → C C → B D → B
B → A C → B B → B
D → C E → D
C → B

A-level retakes are available in the following subjects:

Art and Photography, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Maths, Physics, Religious Studies

But please note that not all combinations are possible due to timetabling restrictions.

English Language and French are available if there is sufficient demand.

Most students retake one or two subjects, but we can discuss the possibility of retaking a third.

All students wishing to undertake the One Year Intensive Retake A Levels programme they must contact the college to discuss the subject options available.

One year A-Level retake entry requirements.

To read more about the reasons for retaking your A Levels, please visit our Complete Guide to Retaking your A Levels.

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Can I pick up a new subject on the one-year course?

Yes, you can dependent on the rest of your programme. Normally doing one subject from scratch works best.  This is something that we would discuss further with you on an individual basis.

How do re-take courses run?

This depends on the subject – but generally A-Level students join Year 13 classes and have coverage of Year 12 lessons as required.

Which subjects can I retake?

A-Level Subjects are:

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths

Business and Economics

Art and Photography

Religious Studies

English Language, Psychology and French are available if there is sufficient demand.

Will you write my UCAS reference even though I won’t have been at the college very long?

Yes, we will get to know you very quickly and we build on your previous reference. It is always helpful if you can get your previous school or college to release your reference to us.

How much does it cost to retake A Levels?

UK Students course fees are

One Subject £7,800
Two or Three Subjects £15,000
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