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Abbey College Manchester offers our students state-of-the-art facilities and a friendly, safe and supporting environment, allowing students to flourish, achieve their goals, and move on to the university course of their choice.

There are approximately 220 students at the college. Some are preparing for A-Levels, some studying for their GCSEs, and more studying our International Foundation Programmes. We offer a wide range of subjects at all levels, offer a strong welfare system and high quality higher education and career advice to all of our students.

Abbey College Manchester students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities including touch screens, laptop computers and interactive white boards, and all students have their own personal computer login and access to teaching resources on the student shared drive. There is a college wireless connection available throughout the building.

The study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics rely heavily heavily on practical work, so each subject is taught in a modern, subject specific science laboratory,. Each classroom is fitted out to the highest standards, allowing the delivery of a broad spectrum of experiments and demonstrations to stimulate learning.

We are also very very proud of our dedicated Art & Design and Photography studios. Students can pick from techniques such as 3D Modelling, textiles, sculpture and photography alongside more conventional arts like painting and drawing. Photography students also have their own dark room to develop and enhance their work.

There is a large dedicated study centre with silent area and a supervised study area, where students may use college laptops or their own for personal work.

Fees 2019-2020

Local Students


These are applicable for the academic year commencing in September 2019

A non-refundable registration fee of £250 is payable upon enrolment to secure a place at Abbey College Manchester. The tuition fees include examination fees.

Tuition fees can be paid in one of two ways:

1. In eight equal instalments from September 2019 to April 2020 inclusive (there is no additional charge for this)

2. In three instalments at the beginning of September 2019, January 2020 and April 2020

Students from the European Union or the European Economic Area also pay the local student tuition fee rate. However, if English Language support is required as part of an academic programme an additional charge will be made.

A-level – Two Year Course
Year 12 – Full Programme (Three subjects)£12,950
Year 13 – Full Programme (Three subjects)£12,950


A-level – One Year (Retake)
One subject£6,950
Two or Three subjects£12,950


Combined Studies Programme
Year 12 – Full Programme (One pathway)£12,950
Year 13 – Full Programme (One pathway)£12,950


Academic Studies with Football Training
Year 12 – A-Level or Combined Studies Programme£14,950
Year 13 – A-Level or Combined Studies Programme£14,950


GCSE – One Year Course
Year 11 – Full Programme (Five or six subjects)£11,500


Fees 2020-2021

International Student Fees





These are applicable for the academic year commencing in September 2020.

All tuition fees due for the academic year must be paid in either one lump sum (before the student arrives) or in two instalments (one before the student arrives and the other by the beginning of January 2021) unless agreed otherwise in advance with the Principal.

Tuition fees are inclusive of all examinations, textbooks and any photocopied materials.

Tuition fees are applicable to students who are applying outside the European Union and European Economic Area, and are shown in the table below:


Deposit (This will be returned once the course has been completed. Please note that any miscellaneous expenses and costs will be deducted from the deposit)£2,000
College Registration Fee£500
First Year of a Two Year A-Level Programme
(for three/four subjects plus IELTS)
Second Year of a Two Year A-Level Programme
(for three/four subjects plus IELTS)
First Year of a Three Year A-Level Programme (for Academic English plus one or two subjects)£21,050
One Year International Foundation Programme
(any Pathway)
First Year of a Two Year International Foundation Programme
(any Pathway)
18 Month International Foundation Programme: January 2020 start. First 6 Months only (any Pathway)£21,050
One Year GCSE
(up to 5 subjects plus Academic English)
First Year of a Two Year GCSE course
(up to 3 subjects plus Academic English)
18 Month GCSE: January 2020 start. First 6 Months only£21,050
A-Level, International Foundation Programme or GCSE
Inclusive of accommodation







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