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Student welfare is always our prime concern. When joining the college students are assigned a personal tutor and are encouraged to raise their own expectations and standards to the highest level possible
Abbey College Manchester Pastoral Care

Tutor groups

It is central to the Abbey College Manchester experience that all students feel secure and supported in all areas during their time with us. Our small size and personal approach means we know our students very well allowing us to understand them as people and help them to reach their goals. Each student has a team of supportive teachers working to help them fulfil their potential. The tutor is central in coordinating a holistic approach to each student’s individualised learning programme and takes a particular interest in their progress throughout the year. Each student is a member of a tutor group and register together and meet weekly for tutor time.

Students, parents and teachers working together

We believe that the team approach is highly successful in ensuring that students achieve their potential. Communications between Heads of Year, tutors and parents are integral to supporting the student’s progress through the course and onto the next stage of their education.

Individual needs

Our lessons are lively and encourage students to discuss ideas, ask questions and to be involved in active learning. Additional support is provided where required; those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia are accommodated in our general approach to learning in the classroom.

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