A-Level Subjects


AQA Specification 

Accounting has been called the ‘language of business’, accountants measure the results of an organisation’s economic activities, and convey this information to a variety of users, including investors, creditors, managers and regulators. Accounting can be divided into many fields such as financial, management, or tax accounting, and external auditing.

Art & Design

AQA Specification

Artistic skill underpins every creative practice. We will help you to develop practical skills whilst encouraging expression and exploring your personal creativity. The goal is to progress onto creative courses at Art Colleges across the UK and internationally. You will gain a background of study in various disciplines including Art & Design, Photography, Textiles, Fashion, Design, New Media and Architecture, so a wide range of degree courses will be open to you.



AQA Specification

Whilst A-Level biology is essential for admission to courses such as Medicine and Dentistry, it is also a fascinating subject to study in its own right, and can lead to many interesting and rewarding careers. Disciplines as varied as nursing, conservation, environmental sciences, zoo-keeping, botany, agriculture and forestry are all possible after studying Biology.

Business Studies

AQA Specification

If you are interested in the world of business and you would like to understand, examine and practice the skills and attributes of successful entrepreneurs then this is a good subject for you to consider. Business studies A-Level is well regarded as a means of preparing for a wide range of university courses and particularly for those which have a business studies or management content.


Edexcel Specification

Chemistry A-Level can lead to a great variety of degree courses other than the obvious chemistry degree. All chemical engineering courses require chemistry A-Level alongside the study of mathematics. Study of chemistry is a requirement for most medicine and dentistry degree courses in the UK. In combination with your other 2 or 3 subjects, studying chemistry it can help you gain access to just about any degree course.


Edexcel Specification

We will help you appreciate how economics contributes to an understanding of wider economic and social environments and develop your understanding of a range of concepts and the ability to use them in a variety of different contexts. We encourage you to think as an economist and use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to your studies. You will develop the skills, qualities and attitudes which will equip you for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

English Language

AQA specification

This is an exciting course that covers vital skills for any future learning. You will become a rigorous interpreter of language, analysing a range of spoken and written texts. Coursework components offer students the opportunity to choose their own creative and investigative writing tasks on matters that really interest them. The course brings to light how the whole world revolves around language.  English Language is offered subject to demand.

Environmental Science

AQA Specification

Are you interested in finding out more about the impact of human activity on our planet? Perhaps you are interested in discovering ways in which environmental damage can be halted or even reversed.  As a student you will have the opportunity to gain insights and understanding of how geographical and biological components are interrelated in terms of the environment. This scientific subject will lead you to both answers and more questions.

Modern Languages

French and Spanish AQA A-Levels are available at the college subject to demand.

Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Edexcel Specification

Mathematics is highly regarded by both universities and employers. Studying Mathematics opens up a whole world of career possibilities. Engineering, Business and finance, computing, architecture and design, all these industries have Mathematics at their core.



AQA Specification

In A Level Photography, students learn the techniques and processes within the language of photography and how to read and analyse their images.

Photography is the appreciation and production of Digital and Polaroid images reflecting personal viewpoints, passions and interests.  This involves developing knowledge, ideas and concepts plus a wide range of skills, including visual analysis, problem solving, methodical planning, written and visual communication, aesthetics and creative awareness.

Photography includes the use of various cameras, lenses, studio lighting, locations, photographic styling and computer suite facilities.


Edexcel Specification

A-Level Physics opens up unending opportunities in the world of work and of higher education. Studying Physics will change the way you think, not only about the physical world around you but other parts of your life. As well as going on to study physics or the other sciences at university, A-Level physicists can go on to study engineering, economics, business, medicine or architecture.


Edexcel Specification

Most students who study psychology find it interesting because it has relevance to the everyday decisions that we make. Through psychology you can explore questions such as; why do people lie? Why do some obey authority and others disobey? Why do people develop phobias? And how do companies influence us to buy their products?

Religious Studies

OCR Specification

With Religious Studies, you will explore the philosophies and beliefs of popular religions. This will improve your understanding of different perspectives and motivations. Studying religion can also give you a broader outlook on life and increase your skills in abstract thinking.

Fashion & Textile Design

AQA Specification

A Level Fashion and Textiles introduces students to a variety of experiences that explore textile media. Both traditional and new processes are studied as students are encouraged to engage with a wide range of artists and designers, developing new and original approaches to designing and making. Fashion design, fashion textiles, costume design, digital textiles, embellishment, and garment construction will be studied on this stimulating and engaging course.

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