Accommodation for Students under 16

Students under 16 at the start of the academic year must stay with a host family unless they live with a parent or other blood relative (i.e. aunt or uncle; grandparents or a brother or sister over the age of 25). Host families are carefully selected to ensure a friendly, safe environment in which students can relax, integrate and study. A student will have his/her own large bedroom, together with a desk and storage facilities. Bathroom facilities are usually shared with the family. However, in some cases the house will have two bathrooms and occasionally a student will have a bathroom for his/her own exclusive use.

The cost for the academic year from 1st September 2020 to July 2021 and what is included is shown in the table below. Students can stay at Riverside House during all college holiday periods except for Christmas. During this three week break students must return home.

Type of Accommodation Cost What it includes
Home Stay £11,300 Breakfast, lunch and evening meal every day, internet connection, water, electricity, gas, cleaning of room and laundry of clothes.