Abbey DLD Launches in Mexico

5th June 17

Abbey College Manchester Mexico Launch

Abbey DLD launched in Mexico this week with the aim of recruiting students for one of its three colleges; Abbey College Manchester, Abbey College Cambridge and DLD College London.

The brand was officially launched at an exciting media event in Mexico City in collaboration with Global Education Corp (GLED)  and was covered by El Universo newspaper, top Mexican TV channel Azteza and reported in Forbes Mexico.

Abbey DLD has established an exclusive agreement to offer study plans with GLED in Mexico. GLED has ten offices in the Mexican Republic, two in Mexico City, and one in Ecuador and will be opening another in Miami, where they provide advice on schools around the world.

Benigno Flores, president of GLED, explained that in order to enter one of the Abbey DLD colleges, students must prove that they have the necessary level of English.

The accreditation that a student obtains from an Abbey DLD college is also valid in Mexico, explained Mr Flores.

“These schools are sought after when you want to enter Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School or Harvard. You go to one of our colleges because you want to go to the best universities afterwards. ”

Carlos Taboas, commercial director for the Americas at Abbey DLD hopes that by 2019 thirty Mexican students per year will be enrolling at the Abbey DLD colleges.

What fees are paid is dependent upon which course is taken and which college is studied at and ranges for international students, including students from Mexico, from £22,000 to £28,000 per year (or from $28,300 to $ 35,800). Meanwhile, it costs between £34,000 and £50,000 (between $43,900 and $64,000), for a programme that includes education and full board.

Mr Taboas also said there are 50% to 100% scholarships available at Abbey College Cambridge for students with a high educational level, as well as the Alpha Scholars Programme at DLD College London, which depends on the student’s qualifications in Mexico. Scholarships are also available at Abbey College Manchester for students with excellent English and academic skills.

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