Enriching engineering skills

11th May 18

Abbey College Manchester Engineering Enrichment

This year the students have chosen their own projects for engineering enrichment. This has allowed students to gear their activities towards their chosen career interests.

Two projects were completed just before Christmas that tested different skills in engineering. The first of these looked at the mechanical, electrical and material science field, and involved designing a hovercraft powered by a leaf blower. The students then went on to build a full-scale prototype model that can hold one person. The second project focused on the design and building of a radio-controlled car from scratch driven by computer Bluetooth. This helped students develop their electrical and computer engineering skills.

Abbey College Manchester Engineering Enrichment

Since Christmas, the team has been looking at designing and then building an electric skateboard. They have been working through the design stages and testing. The requisite parts were ordered and have been assembled, and the skateboard has been successfully road tested.