Train While you Study… Call to Ambitious Athletes

11th May 21

We are inviting aspiring football and basketball players to showcase their skills at a duo of free trial days, for an opportunity to be trained by professional sports coaches as part of the unique Academic Studies with Football Training and Basketball Training programmes.

The innovative courses, in partnership with IHM Football Academy and the renowned Manchester Giants, offer students with a passion for sport the invaluable opportunity to receive best-in-class daily coaching and development with a chance for progression, while obtaining a high-quality sixth-form education and route to university.

At the highly-anticipated events, on Thursday 24 June for football and Wednesday 30 June for basketball, the young sportsmen and women will be able to demonstrate their talents, and learn more about the programme and the prospect to progress to a professional level. At the football session, students will also be able to explore much-coveted scholarship pathways to USA universities.

As part of the day, attendees will receive a tour of the college, a presentation about the academic side of the course, and visit the prestigious training facilities at either Ten Acres Lane for football or the National Basketball Centre home of the Manchester Giants, where they can meet the coaches and participate in a training session.

The leading independent college, which offers both day and boarding places, also has local scholarships available of up to 50% of tuition fees.

Students on the pioneering programmes attend academic classes in the morning where they have flexible options to study A Levels, GCSEs, or the college’s Combined Studies Programme. From September 2021, those wishing to study sport at Sixth Form will be also offered Combined Studies in Sport and Sport and Business. In the afternoon, the students join football or basketball training delivered by professional and experienced coaches.

Abbey College Manchester Principal, Liz Elam, commented: “Following the exceptional success of our Academic Studies with Football and Basketball Training Programmes, we are delighted to host our first free trial days and invite ambitious young footballers and basketballers from across the UK to learn more about and benefit from this unique opportunity.

“At Abbey College Manchester, we understand the importance of providing any student wishing to pursue their sporting ambitions with the chance to access the best possible education. Our innovative programmes enable students to gain academic qualifications for entry to top universities, alongside intensive sports training which could lead to them playing professionally or semi-professionally.”

To discover more about the Academic Studies with Football Training Programme, Academic Studies with Basketball Training Programme and trial days visit our dedicated webpage here.