We consider Mathematics as an intellectual adventure and invite students to see it in the same light.


If you enjoy Mathematics and want to extend your knowledge then studying Mathematics at AS or A level is the best option. There are two separate areas of Mathematics that you will study over the course:

Core Mathematics looks to extend topics and material introduced at GCSE in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and sequences in addition to introducing new topics such as calculus, numerical methods and logarithms. Together these areas form the building blocks of the subject and account for two thirds of the Mathematics qualification.

Applied Mathematics makes up the remaining third of the qualification and focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of the real-life applications of Mathematics. The strands are Decision, Statistics and Mechanics and as each compliment other AS and A level subjects you might also study, students usually study a mixture of two strands. A-level Mathematics provides a foundation for further studies in a variety of subjects including Science and Engineering.


Further Mathematics is designed and taught to broaden and deepen the mathematical knowledge and skills developed when studying A-level Mathematics. It is studied alongside A level Mathematics, as you cannot study Further Mathematics without also studying Mathematics, and provides a stimulating experience for those who really enjoy Mathematical and know that their chosen career requires a broad knowledge of the skills.

In addition to increasing and broadening your knowledge of Core Mathematics, you will also study modules from each of the three Applied Mathematics strands.