Looking for a highly respected A level that keeps your career options wide open? Are you curious about the world around you? Do you enjoy problem solving?…Then Physics could be for you


Physics is at the heart of all science and engineering and as such has long been thought of as the most fundamental of all sciences. Physics attempts to understand everything that we can observe and measure, from the smallest subatomic particles to the infinitely large scale of the universe itself.


Many of the highest paid jobs are occupied by physicists. The skills that you will gain, logical thinking, self-confidence, the ability to analyse complex problems, do not limit you to a degree or job in physics research, but you make you highly desirable to universities and ultimately to employers. Some careers that physics will open up to you are engineering, medicine, astrophysics, management and consultancy and computing to name just a few.


To study Physics at A-level you need to have studied Physics and Mathematics before at GCSE and shown a strong level of understanding. Many topics lead on from GCSE BUT at A-level there’s not much you can just learn by heart – most equations are on the exam paper for a start. It’s all about applying your understanding to new situations – a skill that only comes with practice. We will give you lots of support but you’ll need to be prepared for some hard work.


At Abbey College Manchester we are dedicated to providing a stimulating and relevant course which is accessible to all our students. In addition to a lively inclusive classroom environment we will provide you with the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities, including university workshops and activities organised by the STEM centre in Manchester.

We follow the AQA Physics Specification.

During the first year, you will study familiar subjects in more depth such as mechanics, materials and waves and electricity, and exciting new topics including particles and quantum phenomena.

In the second year, you will be introduced to topics including fields and further mechanics, and choose from options including astrophysics, medical physics, applied physics and turning points in physics.

The practical skills of How Science Works are integrated throughout the course. We are well resourced in the Physics department and there will be plenty of opportunities to carry out experimental work to develop understanding and practical skills.

The staff in the Physics department are well qualified and enthusiastic about their subject. We will do all we can to work with you and support you, to help you to achieve your potential.


If you’d like to find out more then come on up to the Physics department anytime. We can answer all your questions and dazzle you with our resources. Physicists have all the best toys too – the Van de Graaff machine, skateboards, silly glasses, loud buzzy things – we even get to play in the lift. What more could you want from an A-level?