Abbey College Manchester’s GCSE Results Day Guide

21st August 15

Abbey College Manchester Guide to GCSE Results Day

Have you enjoyed you summer break? You have certainly deserved all that time of, away from school and classrooms, catching up with your friends and family. You’ve probably done your hardest to avoid thinking about tomorrow as well haven’t you? Well, there is no avoiding it, GCSE Results Day is here.

GCSE Results Day

It’s only natural to feel as nervous as you do now. Don’t worry about it. All of your friends will be feeling the same way, and so will thousands of other students across the country.

It’s important to be fully prepared for every eventuality tomorrow. GCSE Results Day can be really stressful at the best of time. Being ready, and knowing exactly what you need to do in any given situation will help lessen that stress load a lot. So here’s a few things for you to remember before you go to college or school to pick up your results.

• Make sure you don’t forget your mobile phone. Remember to charge it fully the night before as well. When you pick up your results, whatever happens, you will have any number of people you need to call.

• Take a note pad and a pen with you. You may need to take some notes, contact details, or do some working out on the day.

• Buy a bottle of water to take with you. Results Day is a stressful time, you don’t want to dehydrate.

• Be positive. Whatever happens, there are still plenty of options left open to you. It’s not the end of the world.

So, we’re all packed, time to find out what could happen to you on GCSE Results Day.

Your GCSE Results are Amazing

Congratulations! You must feel brilliant. You deserve it. Call your parents and your friends and let them know how you got on. They will be dying to know.

After you’ve done all that, you should think about what happens next. You have a number of options. First off you could go straight ahead and study A Levels. If you’re looking for a more real world, practical kind of thing, you might like to look into taking a BTEC. If you’ve done well in your GCSEs but found it a real hard slog and don’t really fancy stepping straight back into a classroom, there are plenty of vocational courses available to you.

Whatever you end up choosing, think hard about what you want to do. Speak to your family and don’t be afraid to ask advice from your teachers, they will know you pretty well by now. Listen to their advice, it’s an important decision.

Your GCSE Results Are OK But Not As Good As You Were Hoping For

Ok, first off speak to a teacher or exam officer and request a copy of your marked paper and check to see if an Enquiry About Results (EAR) is appropriate.

If you were expecting to do better and are surprised by your grades, check you UMS Score against AQA’s UMS Grade boundaries, and if you find you have missed a grade but just a few marksyou’re your results are suspiciously low, speak to a teacher or an exam officer and ask for a review of marking or moderation, or you can ask for a remark. If you want to do this, it’s important you this straight away as there is a deadline.

If you get no joy, then maybe you should think about some resits.

Before you do that though, you need to find out if resits are 100% necessary. If you have a bad grade in a subject that you have no desire to carry on to A Level, or that is not a core subject like Maths, English or one of the Sciences, then you might not have to do any resits. Speak to you teachers if you are planning on staying at your school to sixth form, or give your new school or Sixth Form College a call. You might find that they don’t need you to have that subject or subjects to get on their A Level programme.

You GCSE Results Are Really Bad

First things first, don’t panic. There’s lot of things you can do.

You could do a whole host of resits. But chances are if you found your first round of GCSEs really difficult, and you did not respond to the subjects, then perhaps this kind of education is not for you. You might be more practically minded, you might find inspiration outside the classroom in subjects not taught at GCSE or A Level. If that’s the case, then maybe a BTEC or a more vocational course is for you. Again, speak to you teachers, your family, and have a good think about what they say and you want to do. It’s your life, it’s important you do what makes you happy.

Good luck!