Abbey College Manchester Bolsters Unique Sixth Form Programme

2nd March 22

Following exceptional success since its launch, Abbey College Manchester has expanded its innovative ‘Success in the Sixth Form’ study programme to include additional course content, benefitting Year 12 A-Level students.

The unique programme is designed around the 5Rs Framework, with emphasis on developing the all-important habits of routine, rigour, responsibility, resilience and reflection.

Invaluable weekly lessons help and support students to develop their ability to plan, monitor, understand and manage their own learning. Students are given time, not just to learn the theories behind each principle, but also to learn to apply this knowledge in their day to day studying.

Chris Randell, Abbey College Manchester Principal, commented: “At Abbey College Manchester we recognise that to be successful at Sixth Form, it is important that students focus and enhance their study skills. The two-year A Level syllabus is demanding and requires good study practices; Our innovative programme was designed with this in mind, helping to close the learning skills gap between GCSE and A Level.

“We have a strong focus on developing our students as effective learners and equipping them for the challenges of university study. We ensure they have the skills to be successful with their current studies, as well as gaining confidence, the capacity and the appetite to engage with the challenges of learning at university.”

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