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What makes a Business successful? What is the best way of managing employees? How do businessmen make decisions? How do Apple and Virgin market their products? How does the economy influence business performance? These are just some of the questions that will be answered if you study Business.
What is Business all about?

The study of Business includes a range of business situations i.e. new business start-ups to large global organisations. Throughout the course you will study the following business disciplines: marketing, people management, running the business operations and financing the day-to-day running of the business alongside long-term projects with a new focus on globalisation, digital technology and ethics.

The Lessons

As a student of business you will learn problem-solving skills and critical analysis e.g. how to make business decisions, in different situations. These skills will help you to develop analytical and evaluation skills that may also be useful in a wider educational context.

Business lessons include a range of student-centred activities e.g. manufacturing cards, recruiting and selecting a member of staff etc, while the theory is studied in the context of real businesses.

An overview of modules studied

During the first year decision making in the context of a business and the functional departments of a business will be studied. It examines how decision making can improve business performance, financial performance and profitability, human resources management, marketing and operations.

In the second year analysis of business strategies in relation to the direction the business is going and its position in the market will be focused on. The course also examines how to actually pursue these strategies

Which subjects can be studied alongside Business?

A-Level Business is a subject that complements a range of other subjects such as Economics, English, History, Religious Studies and Psychology. It may even be studied alongside science subjects.

Which degrees?

The broader field of Business Studies and related areas are growing ever important in our society and this is reflected in the wide range of course in these fields. An A-level in Business is obviously an ideal qualification. From there, students are well equipped to enter the world of business and finance to pursue numerous challenging and rewarding careers.

However, Business can also be part of the entry requirements for a wide range of other courses, particularly in the social sciences, as it provides the student with useful skills and knowledge.

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