Abbey Manchester showcases Unity in Diversity at Annual Culture Day

26th February 24

Abbey College Manchester recently hosted its annual Culture Day, an event initiated by the Student Council’s diversity sub-committee and filled with an array of colourful displays, engaging activities and delectable treats from across the globe.

Offering an authentic experience, the leading independent college was adorned with decorations such as handcrafts, paintings, banners, various symbols, and lanterns that represented the diverse student and staff cohort. Students from the art enrichment programme designed bunting and posters that symbolised their heritage, while all members of the college community were invited to wear clothing which represented aspects of their culture. There was a colourful array of attire, including pin badges, festival dress, wedding clothes, meaningful jewellery and sports jerseys.

Throughout the day, students had the invaluable opportunity to infuse identity with unity, this year’s theme. They were invited to share stories and talk about their own intersectional identities and the uniting aspects.

Students delved into a number of activities to explore the many traditions further. Talented musicians demonstrated their abilities with performances on a range of instruments, and students were encouraged to share their song suggestions on a playlist. One of Abbey College Manchester’s teachers, James Davies, teacher of English, ran a rugby passes competition, whilst one of the Heads of House, Chloé McLaughlin, led a crafting session creating traditional woven crosses from Ireland.

Delicious traditional food from around the world was a significant highlight of the event with a menu featuring dishes such as Nigerian suya wings, Scottish tea cakes, Kazakh qurt, Chinese black jelly, Iranian Shirazi salad and Welsh cakes.
Year 13 student Reyhaneh shared their thoughts on the day, stating: “Culture Day at college wasn’t just nice, it was a vibrant explosion of community and friendship! It was like stepping into a living tapestry woven from the threads of different cultures. It was a chance to connect. We shared stories, traditions, and laughter with our friends, classmates, college authorities, and even teachers. And let’s not forget the food! Each bite was a delicious journey to a different corner of the world, lovingly prepared by our fellow students.”

Principal of Abbey College Manchester, Chris Randell expressed, “It is heart-warming to witness the rich diversity and unity within our college community. This event exemplifies the spirit of inclusivity and mutual appreciation, showcasing the plethora of cultural traditions and heritage that our students and staff bring to Abbey College Manchester.”


Abbey Manchester
Taster Morning, Wednesday 12th June