Want to be successful in Business?

15th August 12

Study Business with Abbey College Manchester

Do you want to be successful in Business?

Fancy yourself as the next Duncan Bannatyne or Deborah Meaden?

Excellent. Read on.

Studying Business at University is an incredibly popular and diverse subject, and one that will present you with a huge number of career choices once you graduate. Business degrees and qualifications differ according to the university – a BSc or a BA – but in general, you will be looking at how organisations function, what they do and how they do it, their styles of management, human resources management, their business strategies, and the way they make money.

Because of its’ diversity, pinning down what A Levels you need is quite hard. Some of the more traditional universities like a Maths A Level, some like Economics. A lot of degree courses are Business and Management, so those universities like you to have a broad range of subjects from Maths and Economics, to more analytical ones like A Levels like History, Geography and English Literature. What grades you need to get depends upon the institution, your interview, and the course you apply for. The best universities will ask for the best grades though. Don’t be surprised if you are given an offer of 3 As.

It’s not uncommon for a Business Studies degree to be split up into a number of different modules. So you may find yourself taking modules in:

• Economics

• Accounting and Finance

• Marketing

• Management Science

• Law

• Sociology

• Strategic Management

• Entrepreneurship

• Human Resources Management

• A Foreign Language

Where’s the best place to study Business at University?

According to the Complete University Guide, and based on a combination of student satisfaction, entry standards, courses and graduate prospects, the top five universities to study at were:

University of Oxford – Said Business School

University of Cambridge – Judge Business School

Imperial College – Business School

Univeristy of Warwick – WBS

University of Bath – School of Management

What skills am I going to get?

Besides an intimate understanding of management and how business works, by the time you graduate you should have excellent leadership skills, demonstrate a certain level of business savvy, be able to manage people, show a good understating of finance and changing markets, understand policy and strategy and be used to giving a presentation to a room full of scary people. Also, with big business and finance coming under the spotlight a lot recently, you’ll be well versed in business ethics and environmental concerns.

What will my career prospects be like?

The competition for jobs in the business sector is bound to be high, but armed with your newly found business acumen – and probably a healthy chunk of work experience – your prospects are likely to be excellent, and, as mentioned before, varied. Graduate recruitment schemes are rife in the City, and will give you a great grounding in business and a chance to get your foot in the door.

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