dent and teacher in class at Abbey College Manchester

Abbey College Manchester International Foundation Programme Results 2020

14th July 20

Abbey College Manchester Foundation Programme average score in 2020 is 71%

Abbey College Manchester International Foundation Programme students are celebrating a great set of results in 2020, with an average student score above 70%.

The average final score achieved by Manchester students across all foundation pathways stands at an impressive 71%, that’s a score that enables entry to a wide range of undergraduate courses at top-ranked UK universities, including many at Russell Group institutions.

Here is the break down of average student scores on each of our four International Foundation Programme pathways:

  • Students on our Business pathway achieved an average score of 70% in 2020
  • Students on our Creative Arts pathways achieved a 66% average score in 2o2o
  • Students taking our Engineering pathway in 2020 achieved a 73% average score
  • Our Humanities pathway students achieved a 72% average score this year
  • Medicine pathway students achieved a 72% average score
  • Students taking our Science pathway achieved a 64% average score

This set of results will see our Abbey College Manchester Foundation students moving on to some of the UK’s highest ranking universities this September.

Speaking of our Foundation students success, College Principal Liz Elam commented; ‘Well done to all of our students on their IFP and CSP results, you have really realised your potential. All the best from all of us at Abbey College Manchester’

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